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How Does SamplePack™ Work



Fill out our email questionnaire & tell us which Health & Beauty supplements you are looking for & which ones are you curious about trying?



Once we receive the questionnaire back, we will then begin the journey of reaching out to our network of Health & Beauty supplement brands to secure trial samples of their products for you. Every week you will receive a personalized email with the list of available trial samples for you to test.



When you decide on which supplements you want to try, Just let us know and we will have the supplement brand express ship a trial sample directly to you. The beauty of using trial samples is, it will allow you the ability to figure out which supplements works best for your body & its specific needs & which doesn’t without wasting time or money.

The Supplement Industry Dirty Little Secret

Here's the honest truth. The supplement industry preys on consumer naïveté, hawking products with mystery ingredients that often don’t work and can be harmful. Since the invention of snake oil, the United States has done little to regulate the slick sales of dubious cures promised in sundry vitamins, minerals and unpronounceable “natural” chemicals that fall outside the realm of regulated medicine. Yet they are often mislabeled, many of them flat out don’t work, and a slew of common, brand-name products can be harmful or even deadly.

The growth in the number of adulterated and misbranded products — including those spiked with drug ingredients not declared on their labels, misleading claims, and other risks — creates new potential dangers, But here are four reasons why you should be very, very wary of any supplements recommended by a friend or pitched on late-night TV, or in 30-minute infomercial, or by a guy on a bicycle with a top hat in a dusty town square. 1. "Nobody Regulates Supplements" The process for getting drugs approved is, of course, rigorous and expensive, and the FDA oversees it. But since a 1994 law was passed, the FDA’s hands have been tied in trying to regulate vitamins, minerals and herbs. The agency has to prove a product is unsafe to force it off the market. That means a shady company can stir up whatever ingredients it wishes, market the heck out of it, and the FDA has nothing to say unless people start dying. 2. "Supplements Often Don’t Work" Several vitamins, minerals and other chemicals are vital for the brain and body. Countless studies have shown the best way to ingest the macro- and micronutrients we need is through a balanced diet with proper supplementations. 3. "Mystery Ingredients" Many supplements are known to contain stuff they don’t claim to include, and some fail to include what they promise. 4. "Yes, Supplements Can Harm You" “Potentially harmful and undeclared pharmaceuticals were identified in more than 700 over-the-counter dietary supplements,” they concluded. “The drug ingredients in these dietary supplements have the potential to cause serious adverse health effects owing to accidental misuse, overuse, or interaction with other medications, underlying health conditions, or other pharmaceuticals within the supplement.”

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Who Is SamplePack™ For?

The Newcomer

You’re just starting out in your journey with purchasing supplements online. You don’t know who, what or even where to buy from, but you have heard many horror stories of people purchasing online & receiving fake supplements mix with dangerous ingredients. You are looking for someone or something to guide you along on your journey.

The Casual Shopper

Like the majority of online supplement shoppers you are attracted to the shiny bottles, slick viral videos or social media influencers who promote the latest & greatest supplement gimmicks. When making a decision on what to buy, You typically only read the 5 star reviews of the brand and look at the smiley faces of success stories before whipping out your credit card. You understand the need for supplements but life is going well right now and you really don’t have time to worry about maintaining your health.

The Savvy Veteran

You are a savvy veteran when it comes to purchasing supplements online. You read the labels and research each and every ingredient in depth. You do your due diligence when it comes to researching the brand & reading the reviews. Instead of looking at the 5 stars reviews which you know can be fake you immediately go to the 2-3 star review section of the products you're interested in to get a better understanding of the effectiveness of the product.

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SamplePack™ Purpose

In this day & age, consumers are being bombarded with flashy, overhyped marketing campaigns of health supplements online. The supplement industry is slowly becoming the new used car salesman playground & so many unsuspecting newcomers and casual buyers are being taken advantage of.

It’s been calculated the average consumer who purchase supplements online are losing a staggering $833 on average per year to fake supplements.

This is the real reason why SamplePack™ was created. Our job is to protect consumers from the shady world of purchasing supplements online.

We thoroughly pre-vet supplements brands to make sure they follow the strict industry guidelines when it comes to ingredients, manufacturing , distribution and even marketing.

Our #1 goal is to make sure that none of our community members lose their wallets to fake supplements or even their lives..

Knowing this now, the question you should be asking yourself is: “ Can you actually afford to not use SamplePack™ when buying supplements online? especially when your life could very well depend on it.”

Our Limited Pre-Launch Pricing

$9.95 Monthly

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$95.95 YEARLY

  • Unlimited Trial Samples
  • Unlimited Support
  • Pre-vetted Supplement Brands
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

SamplePack is a monthly membership community that prides itself on finding the best Trial Samples of your favorite supplement products. The purpose behind SamplePack is to help you the customer find the right supplement products that are beneficial to your body without losing your wallet.

You will have the ability to receive unlimited Trial Samples per month but there are companies within our network that limits 1 Trial Sample per household, per product. 

Great question We are currently in our Pre-Launch Phase and for everyone who decides to signup now will forever be locked in at that price point. That being said the price WILL increase in the future. So we suggest that now is the time to join our community!

For a lot of our community members this is a frequent occurrences, when this happens we simply go and find a suitable substitute for you. Rest assured 97% of the supplement in the market are utilizing the same potency and ingredients from the same manufacturer’s.

Currently we do offer trial samples for other products and sometimes we do take special request’s for trial samples beyond the typical supplements.  

Sometimes these things happen. Whether its on our end with our emailing system or sometimes your email service provider has strict rules that are blocking our emails, it happens and we are sorry. This is the main reason why we are running a Pre-Launch Phase to help us figure out all the bug’s, So please don’t worry just simply send us a support ticket and we will clear the issue asap.

Great question! We strategically partnered with many of the top supplement brands across many of the different wellness industries. Whether it’s health, beauty, fitness just know you are getting some of the top products anywhere.

Great question simply click the link at the bottom that says Support and it will take you to our support page where you can leave feedback and suggestions.

Another great question simply click the link at the bottom that says Support and it will take you to our support page where you can personally create a support ticket for billing. We typically respond within  4 – 8 hours . Our online support chat is typically open Mondays – Fridays 9am – 5pm Eastern Standard Time. On weekends our support time is typically slower than normal but we promise to answer you as quickly as possible.

Great Question! Sadly we don’t at the moment but we are currently in the process of building out an online platform and IOS & Android App which will make this process of finding  Trial Samples easy as 1 2 3.

This is a false misconception that a lot of people have. Firstly supplement brands are a businesses and as a business they don’t just give away their product’s for free without any type of monetary return for them. These brand form strategic partnerships with companies that are able to not only increase their brand exposure but increase the ability to send to them qualify buyers of their products. Simply put NO supplement brands will not give you (the ordinary consumer) free trial samples of their products.